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Ray: NFT as technology will disrupt many industries and how we interact with each other

Raymond Ahn is a medical school dropout turned social media growth hacker, coach, and brand builder. He has grown a network of over 10 million plus followers on Instagram in different niches like luxury, travel, and tech, and has also taught Tai Lopez’s social media agency course. He used to run a dropshipping store and drove all organic traffic using viral Instagram promotion methods, built a podcast interviewing world-class influencers and entrepreneurs, and built an ebook/course teaching how to use social media effectively. He got into the NFT bull run early on and traded NFTs/crypto and invested in several web3 projects. Now he works as an advisor/marketer/and superconnector in the web3 space with main connections based in US and Asia. You can check him out on Twitter.

Can you tell us about your background and how you became interested in NFTs?

I was a social media growth hacker and grew accounts from 100k to 1 mill plus on Instagram. I started coaching people on how to use Instagram for their business/brand and then got into web3 by flipping NFTs, trading crypto coins, and building communities on Telegram. I became interested in NFTs, and first got into the Veve app (premium digital collectibles app) and started to flip NFTs there and then got into Opensea NFT flipping; I’ve also helped promote several NFT projects that have become big like Alpacdabras, SuperNormal, and many others throughout the bull run.

Ray: NFT as technology will disrupt many industries and how we interact with each other

What do you think is driving the recent surge in interest in NFTs, and do you think it is a bubble or a long-term trend?

I think the technology is here to stay for NFTs, but a lot of the cash-grab projects will not stay. The surge in NFT interest has been due to a lot of the surge in prices such as BAYC going up to six figures as a floor price and projects like Azuki selling for 10k plus; with these rapid and high price increases in such short periods of time, people have been interested in learning how to trade NFTs even though most projects are either manipulated or controlled by a small group of people.

NFT as technology will disrupt many industries and how we interact with each other from real estate to attending festivals; I actually helped to promote the music festival Ultra Abu Dhabi 2023 tickets as NFTs, and we had to download an app where we airdropped an NFT that gave us VIP access to the festival.

How do you approach marketing and promoting your NFT investments, and what strategies have been most successful for you?

When marketing NFT projects, I engage with communities I’ve built on Telegram. I’ve made a few alpha rooms where we share information about projects and opportunities to make money on airdrops to upcoming NFT projects we think will be doing well.

It is important to join communities that are active and are continuously discussing new projects since the word spreads from these groups to other communities as well.  Most of these alpha rooms I’m on are on Telegram or Whatsapp, and some are invited-based, so you must be an active player in the NFT space to get into some of these rooms. Also, Twitter is an important platform to utilize since crypto and NFT Twitter has the power to make your project go viral. With the right influencers and enough attention on Twitter, your project can blow up; I’d also recommend hosting spaces if you want deeper conversations about your project.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in investing in NFTs but is not sure where to start?

For someone just getting their feet wet into the NFT space, I’d recommend following NFT influencers who share alpha on projects early on or YouTubers. I’d also try to get involved in a few of these alpha rooms where they talk about projects and share insights on projects early before the public knows about them. Most people have lost money in NFTs because they haven’t learned when to buy and sell them, so I’d observe and see what other people are doing by checking their activity on the Opensea marketplace and learning that way.

Can you share some of your favorite NFT projects that you have invested in or are excited about, and what makes them stand out?

I invested in CloneX early on and got their airdrops which went up to over 10k at one point. I sold the CloneX I had, but it was a good investment that I made some money on. The CloneX project stood out because Nike actually acquired RTFKT – the company that built the CloneX NFT project and is planning to collaborate on making digital apparel for the metaverse. I also invested in a metaverse penthouse built by NFTOasis, and I can build out my own personal space there. The penthouses cost 10k, and I bought two. One is in Las Vegas, and the other is in Seoul (Korea). I plan to use the metaverse penthouse to host events, invite friends, and throw parties. Compared to just owning a picture of an animal or other pfp, it is very cool.

Can you share an example of an NFT that you personally own and why you find it particularly meaningful or valuable?

An NFT that I own and that I like – is a custom cat that was made for me by a friend in Taiwan. After I spoke at Taipei Blockchain week, a friend I met from an NFT art gallery gifted me this cat that was custom made using AI. It has features that I specifically asked for like the Korean flag on the belly, the mask with the ghost/demon, and the yin-yang symbols of a tiger and dragon on the hands. This one was meaningful to me because it was custom-made for me with the features I wanted and is basically a 1-of-1; Also I used to raise a cat, so cats have a special place in my heart.

Ray: NFT as technology will disrupt many industries and how we interact with each other

How do you stay on top of trends and new developments in the NFT space, and what resources or communities do you rely on to keep informed?

To stay up to date with the latest NFT trends and updates, I try to stay active on Twitter and see what projects people are sharing or just hear about projects from the alpha rooms on Telegram and WhatsApp; a lot of times, it comes thru friends and word of mouth from those who are active traders. There is so much going on in the space with so many projects and noise that you need to learn from the people making successful trades and calls instead of buying every NFT project. You should also research the project and check if the team is legit and actually building something or just another cash-grab project.

What role do you think NFTs will play in the future of the art world and other creative industries, and how do you see them impacting the way artists and creators earn a living?

NFTs are interesting in that they can always return royalties to the original creator. It is why so many NFT artists have created their art into NFT art and have continued to make a repeated income from each sale of their NFT. Also, with an NFT, you can verify if it is actually from the original artist since everything can be tracked on the blockchain.

There was an interesting event I went to, hosted by Arts Dao in Dubai, and from that event, I saw how NFTs are revolutionizing the way artists create art and interact with their art. More and more art will be digital and in the Metaverse; since more people will be spending time in the Metaverse as time goes on. Not only can NFTs act as art pieces, but they can also be tokens that can be special memberships or access passes to events that the artist or creator wants to host, making it much more meaningful than just a physical painting. Unlike static paintings, NFTs can be dynamic, meaning their metadata can change, evolve, and shift according to how the creator/artist wants the NFT to give its holder different benefits, access, and features.

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